In we want you to know who we are and how we work.

We are manufacturers, yes, real manufacturers.

Our Foundry or Factory, as you prefer to call it, is installed here, in Spain.

Everything we do not manufacture ourselves we order from Spanish suppliers to help promote Spanish industry and our economic growth.

We always try to ensure that all the items we offer our customers are manufactured 100% in Spain and, if this is not possible, that they are manufactured nearby, in Europe, as close as possible, so we also ensure that the impact we leave on our planet is as minimal as possible.

We have been working in the gift, jewelry and engraving sector since 1984.

Our journey began in the world of jewelry, making engravings on hallmarks, solitaires, rings, pendants and any other type of piece of gold or sterling silver, trays, plates, cups, etc...

We continued working until we founded our own company, Regalos JC, taking advantage of the fact that we manufacture directly.

We manufactured all kinds of promotional and advertising gifts, sporting goods such as medals and trophies. The TODO A 100 and the Chinese bazaars, with all their products made in China, had not yet arrived. After the GREAT CHINESE INVASION, we have survived and we continue manufacturing but in a different way, adapting to what you need now.

Nowadays we are dedicated to the casting of personalized gift items. We also have many standard products that do not need customization, such as the amarracos type chickpeas or coins of mus, and little more, the truth, because today, almost everything can be customized.

Something we are very proud of is that we continue to serve each of our customers directly, a very personalized attention, as it was done before in the neighborhood stores, when we all cared about everyone. This is one of our hallmarks, ALWAYS WITH YOU.

You always have our phone numbers to consult us during our personalized attention hours and also our mail or contact area to write us whenever you want and ask us whatever you need. 

Our response time is about 24 hours, if you see that we have not answered you in that time, insist, maybe your email has gone to the SPAM folder and we have not seen you. With so much CYBER SECURITY, sometimes this happens.

To personalize your shopping.

It is much easier than it seems. If you're not used to buy personalizing yourself, at the beginning it's like everything else, until you get used to it.

You can upload a photo, not super mega big or hyperpettit. I leave you here the recommendations we always do.

Graphic files:

For full color printing are valid JPG or TIFF files with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dpi). For printing vector files, CDR files are ideal; we can also read PDF, AI, EPS and FH, always with the texts converted to curves, paths or contours; together with these formats it is necessary to send a jpg for proofing. 

The important thing is the resolution, not the weight of the file.

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